any body know about nTopology software and how we can import geometry from nTop to ansys workbench?

    • Mansoureh
      hello dear all,nAny of you have experience with nTopology software? I am stuck in how can i import my geometry or my mesh into ansys workbench?nit gives us a mesh file in format .cdb, .k, .inp which are for mechanical apdl, ls-Dyna, and abaqus respectively. but when I am trying to use these file for a mechanical workbench and import my mesh into ansys with the file format of cdb or inp file, the geometry is not changeable and I can not define any boundary condition or select any surface, it seems the whole body is one without any surface to point or line.nIf anybody can guide me?nthanksn
    • Maiki Vlahinos

      Hi Mansoureh,

      I quite randomly came across this post. Depending on the objective in Ansys, it's not a clear-cut answer. At the moment exporting an INP with the boundary conditions predefined in nTop is generally the best approach. Depending on the scenario you can also choose to export a surface mesh and use Ansys's Layer Tetrahedron Meshing Method. For going to Fluent, I generally recommended exporting a Surface MSH file with the boundary condition faces predefined in nTop as well.

      I realize this is a very late reply but I hope it is helpful.


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