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Discovery Import

ANYSYS student version R19 error issues and not running


    • vinay.bpl2000

      Sir.. Good evening

      How are you?

      Please find below the support issues, I'm seeking forward to you.I would request you kindly help me to sort out these issues 

      *I downloaded the student version ANSYS R19.. From... Company website.

      *I have Solid model of bus Chassis in Solidworks R18 premium

      *when installed properly.. No help file content going to open

      *here is confusion.. ANSYS AIM or ANSYS Discovery Claim which one I should use

      *I tried to import Solidworks model file in AIM.. it is showing message - - need to be CAD translator refer error image

      *I import solid works file successfully in Discovery Claim.. Then switch to Mechanical static Structural analysis... It got hanged

      *Find attach image file showing the error message in workbench and mechanical , when we switch over from discovery space claim cad file

      *Also find attach the image file showing the my graphic card details. I've NVIDIA , please guide which version driver , I'll have to download, so it would be competible with ANSYS R19 student version.

      *Sir, I've student version 18.2 whcih I downloaded in year 2017 and expired after year.It was successfully installed and showed all the icon on the desptop.It also shown all the help content.

      *I've laptop using Microsoft windows 8.1 OS and 4 GB ram.

      *if you have ANSYS Mechanical Structural analysis PDF tutorial.. Kindly share with me.. I learned ANSYS from YouTube video tutorials... But to learn.. I have to watch video so many times.. As you can remember each step properly I learned and worked both in Solid works, CATIA and become proficient through pdf tutorial as you can open pdf tutorial on the same workbench.. Read instructions step by step and perform same in the ANASYS workbench.

      *I would request you kindly help me at the earliest.

      Best regards

      Vinay Tiwari

    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi Vinay,

      The questions you have posted can be categorized into Discovery related queries and queries related to ANSYS flagships. Please note that for flagship queries, student community is the platform to be used. Hence, I can only revert to the discovery queries here on the forum.

      As mentioned here,  Discovery AIM Student only supports neutral formats for import. Hence, I suggest you to convert your solidworks model into IGES or STEP format, which should then import into AIM without any issue. 

      If you are looking for a high fidelity analysis, Discovery AIM is most suitable but for quick design exploration, Discovery Live is more appropriate tool.

      As mentioned above, please use ANSYS student community for all other queries related to Mechanical.

      Best Regards,


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