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General Mechanical

Aobut time increment in ansys transient.

    • asif_iate

      In my structure the transient operation run well when the time increment is very low on the order of 10^-4 second. But when I increase the time increment on the order of 10^-3 second then the program said "solution failed due to non linear problem as constrain". If I want to solve the program by using very small time increment as said before it may takes 20 days or more to finish the similuation. Could you please give me some suggestion how to increase the time increment without failure.

      My model is complex and can be described as to damp impact force in a set of spring. I have attatched a file of my structure.

      Thanks in advance.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      Is your geometry made of repetitive cyclic segments? If yes, you could make use of a cyclic symmetry object. Check this Also it looks like you have created a solid model of the springs and meshed it. You could use the spring elements instead to reduce complexity. How thin is the outer casing? You may want to use shell elements to model it instead of 3D elements. The model also consists of intricate geometry features (like the serrated surface at the bottom) which may not be of much significance. You could use a suitable mesh defeature tolerance to avoid creation of small elements near these features. I hope this helps.
      Regards Ishan.
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