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APDL: An unexpected error ( Segmentation Violation ) has occurred

    • Bartosz Kraszewski

      ANSYS version: 19.2 
      Platform: Linux CentOS 7.9 
      CPU: AMD EPYC 7552 48-Core

      I'm performing a thermal numerical analysis of a 2 way FSI in Workbench: Fluent (VOF, Dynamic Mesh) + Transient Structural (Elements changed into Type 226) + System Coupling. I am using 46 cores for the analysis in Fluent and 36 cores for the Mechanical APDL.  
      After 2 weeks of analysis I am halfway through. The APDL .rst results file takes up 185 GB. However, from a certain Restart Point, saving the results ends with an error in Mechanical APDL:

      An unexpected error ( Segmentation Violation ) has occurred

      Then, the solution process freeze. Reverting the analysis to a previous Restart Point also started causing this error. Other analyses on the workstation work fine. In the last correctly saved analysis, the memory allocation was as follows:


      I am urgently asking for help in finding the cause of the problem. Is the data still recoverable?

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee


      SIG$SEGV is short for signal segment violation. Technically, it is described as an incorrect use of pointer or a buffer overflow (memory problems). It is a bug, whenever it happens, but it is difficult to relate the cause to any one particular issue. Based on previous call records, it has happened in the past with distributed solver and rezoning, but is not limited to these applications.
      If you are using a distributed solver then please uncheck that option and then run the analysis. 
      For recovering the data, was the database file saved?
      Ashish Khemka
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