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APDL cammands to export results from parameter study

    • ViniLeandro94

      Hi everyone,

      I'm doing a parametric analysis of mufflers design, looking for what every geometry change could impact on transmission loss. What i need from every analysis is the plot of transmission loss along the frequency range that i have set.

      How can i export transmission loss data for a txt document on each design point in the parametric study? 

      I'm using Ansys 16.2 wih ACT acoustics.

      Thanks :)

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee
      Can you update the version being used? You won't find many using an version that old and it can be difficult to give an accurate answer when the version is not available. In the latest versions Harmonic Acoustic is a native Workbench analysis system. And the min/max of the transmission loss result object can be flagged as a output parameter. You may want to check the v16.2 ACT extension as well for this - I know that some of the ACT extension result objects had quantities that could be flagged as parameters. Perhaps this can be as well.
      Otherwise please see the Mechanical APDL 16.2 help on the SPOWER command. Also please review the Ansys 16.2 Help -> Mechanical APDL -> MAPDL Acoustic Analysis Guide -> Chapter 13.5 Transmission loss in a muffler.
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