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APDL disabled in new version

    • Yuqian TU

      Some APDL commands are disabled in the new version. Are there any other way to fix or replace this due to the huge amount of keywords? 

      For example:  TB, PLAW and EDPART

    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee

      Both APDL commands in your post are related to ANSYS LS-DYNA in MAPDL GUI. ANSYS LS-DYNA is no longer available in MAPDL GUI. All of its functionalities have been migrated into LS-DYNA system in Workbench.

      Furthermore, WB LS-DYNA system contains more LS-DYNA material models and many other LS-DYNA capabilities than ANSYS LS-DYNA in MAPDL GUI.

      If you want to create a new ANSYS LS-DYNA model, I will suggest you using WB LS-DYNA system.

      If you have LS-DYNA K files created from the previous releases, you can using External Model system in Workbench to read these K files and then transfer them to WB LS-DYNA system.

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