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3D Design

APDL Link Problem

    • dilraj

      I have designed a wall of rail model in solidworks but want to analyse this in ansys apdl.  See attached drawing below. So , if i want to do analysis of this structure can i consider it as a frame element . Do i need to create just 3 links one roof and 2 panels or i need to create links of stiffners that are between the panels of roof and walls ? Height of wall 125in, Width 330 inch (inside paper), length between 2 walls 106in and thickness of each wall is 1.2 in in which stiffners are of cross section 2*1.2 in

      Here, i used link 180 to frame this problem with 3 links, and gave sec data and sectype to all elements .node 1 and 4 are fixed and force is applied on node 3(upper right corner), but when i hit solve it doesnt solve the problem but when i give some condition to node 2 (upper left corner)(e.g. i fix all dof) , it solves the problem. What i am doing wrong ?

      Do i need to use other element type to address this problem ? if yes, which one .Apdl File attached . Thank You



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