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General Mechanical

APDL Nonlinear Combin214

    • Alistair

      Hi everybody

      I am trying to make a comparison between the response of a linear and nonlinear squeeze film damper under a periodic force using a Combin214 element.
      The script of the nonlinear case reads the dynamic coefficients values from external files, with Eccent and Theta as primary variables, whereas the linear case uses only one value for each parameter (Kxx,Kyy,Cxx and Cyy).
      The problem I am facing : the nonlinear scripts use only the first value even if the movement goes beyond the range of the table, which makes the two models have the same behavior.
      I am suspecting a problem with the space reference but I couldn't fix it. The coefficient tables are Eccent & Theta variable based, whereas the calculations are based on the x y position of the mass.
      Attached is the script (please remove the *.txt extension) and the dynamic coefficient files.


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