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APDL problems

    • Nachthammer

      So I got mainly 2 problems.

      The first problem is that i cannot use the /CWD, 'path' command, because every time i try to include it to my code it will show me an error.

      My main task is it to analyse the same model but with different forces. These forces I apply with the F, 100, FY, -10000 command for example.

      After every applied force i want to save data to txt-documents, e.g. the deformation or the stress. Therefore I use these commands:

      *cfopen,'s XY','txt'
      *vwrite,'Nodal','s XY'

      But there is one problem; to get this data I have to wait for the /post1 command and after this command the program stops, so the question is, whether there is a way to apply a force to the model, then go to the postprocessing (/post1), and then go back to the next force and so on.

      This is my intial idea, at the SOLVE command I would like that the program goes to the postprocessing (to the apdl command that are in the file, which is executed after the /post1 command):

      *DO, i, 600, 650, 1
       F, i, FY, -100000
       /CWD, 'C:UsersalexaDesktopwork_gnrl_numwork1_filesdp0SYSMECH'
       /SYP,mkdir ,'force%i%'
       /CWD, 'C:UsersalexaDesktopwork_gnrl_numwork1_filesdp0SYSMECHforce%i%'
       F, i, FY, 100000

      I thank you in advance


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