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APDL Writing results to file after each rotation.

    • lty94


      Background: I am using APDL command lines to simulate the mode shape and natural frequencies of crankshaft at various crank angle. I would like to write a command line to save the first 50 frequencies before moving to the next crank angle automatically.

      Current command line:


      !Open command file

      *CFOPEN,'Frequency','Hz',' '

      !write vertical collumns

      *VWRITE,result(1,c1),result(1,c2),result(1,c3),result(1,c4),result(1,c5),result(1,c6),result(1,c7),result(1,c8),result(1,c9),result(1,c10),result(1,c11),result(1,c12),result(1,c13),result(1,c14),result(1,c15),result(1,c16), result(1,c17), result(1,c18), result(1,c19), result(1,c20), result(1,c21), result(1,c22), result(1,c23), result(1,c24), result(1,c25), result(1,c26), result(1,c27), result(1,c28), result(1,c29), result(1,c30),result(1,c31), result(1,c32), result(1,c33), result(1,c34), result(1,c35),result(1,c36), result(1,c37), result(1,c38), result(1,c39), result(1,c40),result(1,c41), result(1,c42), result(1,c43), result(1,c44), result(1,c45), result(1,c46), result(1,c47), result(1,c48), result(1,c49), result(1,c50),


      !close command file





      Question: the current command line does not seem to work and I am not sure why. Do let me know if you are able to spot any errors. I have attached a copy one set of results (for one crank angle).

    • Daniel Shaw
      Ansys Employee
      *VWRITE can only have 19 arguments.n
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