API command for Spaceclaim Prepare > Detect > Clearance button and Maximum Distance Option

    • E3L


      Within ANSYS Spaceclaim there is a Button in the 'Prepare Tab', 'Detect Sub Tab' called 'Clearance'.

      This 'Clearance' button searches all bodies in the document and identifies parts that are adjacent to other parts within a 'Maximum Distance' in the 'Options Pane'.

      I have been trying without avail to find what option in the V20 API that matches this feature to replicate the 'Selection' of parts that meet this criteria per the 'Clearance' button.

      Any assistance to this paying customer (commercial license) will be much appreciated.

    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee
      Hi Thanks for your patience so far, one suggestion, if you're using a commercial license, can you please open a new Service Request on the customer portal with your support provider?
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