Applicability of euler-euler and euler-euler+multi fluid vof and vof models

    • h395523899

      If the simulated water enters a container filled with diesel fuel, observe the change in the diesel volume fraction in the container. For example, the diesel volume fraction becomes zero over time.

      Which of the three euler-euler, euler-euler+multi fluid vof, and vof models should be used?

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee


      In the Eulerian approach, both the continuous and dispersed phases are considered to be interpenetrating continua

      In the Eulerian-Eulerian (E-E) approach both the dispersed particle phase and continuous fluid phase are solved using the NS

      The VOF is applicable for separated flows  or stratified or where the dispersed phase is well separated from the continuous phase with a distinct interface

      Multi fluid vof model should be enabled only for cases requiring sharp interface treatment between phases.

      So it looks like in your case if you have immiscible fluids, you can use vof model. 




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