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General Mechanical

apply cyclic load on a structure as well as considering residual stresses after each pulse

    • Elham


      Recently, I had been modelling a repeating pressure impulse load on a plate. The fact has been that when I apply the whole load profile as a pressure load at let's say 10 steps, the results (deflection) show that the pulse is applied without any increase in the deformation of the model. Therefore, I tried a different method as below:

      I setup my model for 10 steps, but I activate the first load step. when the problem is solved, I export the shear and normal stresses and exit this component. Then I re-read the mentioned stresses using EXTERNAL GEOMETRY and join it to the next transient structural analysis as initial stresses as well as activating (ONLY) the second load step. This way I could capture the ascending order of the deformation until the 10th step.

      But I faced this question that: 

      (I) Is this method ok? I mean didn't I calculated the stresses twice on the 2nd pulse until the 10th pulse?

      (II) Do I need to transfer the velocity and acceleration information of each node into the new component for each pulse? If so... how?


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