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General Mechanical

Apply deformation to mesh of M-APDL model and import that into Workbench?

    • albertyi


      I am new to ANSYS. Our team have been struggling with a multiphysics modeling problem with other software for a long time. I am looking for the possibility of working it out with ANSYS.

      The problem requires us apply deformation to a cyclic symmetric stucture along its mode shapes. It is important only to apply deformation to the mesh, but not to remesh the deformed geometry because our later study require spacial derivatives and the mesh need to stay convergence. Once the deformed mesh (hopefully in a cdb file), we would like to apply another multiphysics study on the model in workbench. If the cdb file is imported to workbench, can we apply study that include physics other than just solid mechanics study?

      Sorry for the long description. Please help.

      Thank you

    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Welcome to ANSYS and thanks for your excellent question! 

      The answer is rarely no with ANSYS simulation tools, as the products are infinitely flexible. However the challenge is understanding exactly how!

      OK so philosophy aside, with ANSYS Workbench you can use Model>External Model to read an ANSYS Mechanical APDL model’s CDB file for the mesh (as generated by by the CDWRITE command).  Here's an excellent description of the process from our Channel Partner Simutech. This should help provide some guidance. Keep us posted.  



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