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Apply pressure dependent on axial location and load step

    • josephngc

      I have a project I'm working on that has about 400 pressure points along a surface that are dependent on axial location. I have bolt pretensions and other loads induced on the part prior to when the pressure needs to be applied.

      I have got this to work but with a fair bit of workaround. I'm seeking a sleeker solution. I found this discussion which uses the solution I found for plotting the pressures along the axis, and it works great. It is exactly what I want, aside from not being able to change which load step the pressure is applied in.

      This is the discussion using the solution I implemented:

      My solution for the time issue is I opened the .dat file for my part and located the table setup created by the table I created in the pressure object. The table has "TIME" defined in the *DIM command and it is defaulted to time 0-1, as shown below:

    • Chandra Sekaran
      Ansys Employee
      I may not fully follow you but looks like all you have to do is increase the number of time points. Currently you have "*dim,loadvzalue,tabe,10,2,1,z,time" which says you have 10 values for Z coordinate but only 2 values for TIME. You do not mention how many load steps you have and what the end times are for the load steps. By default, load step 1 ends at time=1 , load step 2 ends at time=2 etc. So if you have 5 load steps then you can change to "*dim,loadvalue,10,5,1,z,time" then define the pressure value vs Z at each time point. If, for example, the first two load steps are for bolt pretensioning without any pressure you just can put in zero values for the first two columns.
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