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General Mechanical

Apply springs as boundary conditions to a structure

    • abde1


      I want to apply modal analysis for a helicopter blade, i added springs to the blade from connections, so does this springs considered as boundary conditions? also the first frequency result is zero, so is it okay that the first frequency is zero?


    • Sahil Sura
      Ansys Employee

      Springs can be used as boundary conditions as they serve an option for connecting two parts or a part to the ground. (You can refer to Springs ( for more insights.)
      Considering the Modal Analysis of the helicopter blade shown in the attached pictures, using appropriate supports at the respective locations can provide better results. As seen, a missing constraint causing a rigid body motion is leading to rigid body modes (Modes with zero frequency).
      Rigid body modes can be expected in certain analysis but in many analysis are considered to be alarming. Thus using proper constraints can resolve the issue if unexpected rigid body modes appear.
      Hope that helps Thanks Sahil
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