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Apply variable young modulus along radial axis in a hemisphere

    • Maralll

      My model is a semi-sphere. I need to apply a variable young modulus along the radius. However all of the availabe helps and sources in this field are based on cartesian or cylindrica coordinate system. (Like the one in PADT with the topic-Spatially Varing Material). I understood those tutorials and were able to implement them in a sample 3D bloch or cylinder. However since my model is a hemisphere I need to define variable elastic modulus along the radius in spherical coordinate system which is not an option when defining the data of the external file in Ansys.

      Any idea of how I can apply variable elastic modulus along r in spherical coordinate system would be appreciated!


    • Aniket
      Ansys Employee


      There is no spherical coordinate system available in external data.

      Possibly you can export the current mesh node locations, by solving an all-fixed support and no load (using a blank command snippet) static structural analysis and then use Excel to calculate the radius of each point and use a formula to update data based on the radius and then bring in this data in via external data.



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    • Maralll


      I do appreciate your reply. I will check that.

      Beside that, I have been working to apply the variable elastic modulus as a user define function by writing a command in workbench. For now I kept it simple and considered my model as a block and just used a simple function for elastic modulus(EZ) to see how I can make the code worked. I am assuming that later for my hemisphere model, by generating element orientation and adding the element coordineate system, I should be able to solve my model in workbench and get what I need. Please correct me if I am wrong!

      Unfortunately, I am a novice with ansys commanding in workbench. So, I wrote the following commands with the help of some Ansys Tutorials. However I get error about not finding the Macro Library. I would really be appreciated if you could look into my code to see what is wrong with it.  I guess my problem is that I don't know if and how I need to open a Macro library and how I can assing the function to that library. Here are two images to show the code and error.

      Thank you, again!


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