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Applying ambient air condition for manifold simulation

    • nagarajan.dharanibalan

      Dear All,

      Could anyone support on the procedure to apply environment of air for a thermal simulation of exhaust manifold? 

      1. How to define that exhaust manifold is in air media, properties of air like temperature, density, pressure etc.,

      2. I have already created selection set of external surface of manifold

      #air media, #component environment definition #air properties 

    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Nagarajan D

      You will have to create a fluid domain around the manifold and assign Air material for the fluid volume. You will have to use Conjugate Heat Transfer template for your analysis. Please check out some Fluid-Solid Heat Transfer (CHT) application examples from below link:

      Discovery AIM: Application Examples: Fluid-Solid Heat Transfer (CHT)

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