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Applying convection during topology optimization

    • Yifei Liu

      I was trying to perform topology optimization on a heat exchanger. I have defined convection as a film coefficient on the surface. I would like to change the topology of that surface to minimize temperature. It appears Ansys's topology optimization module just removed the convection boundary as soon as the surface is changing. Is there a way to apply new convective boundary as new surfaces are created during the topology optimization process? 


    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      Try switching to Level Set Method.  It might be more robust for your convection load.  Refer to the Mechanical USers Guide=>Optimization Analysis Workflow=>Apply Design Objectives and Constraints...Thermal Compliance...

      For the Topology Optimization - Level Set Based and Shape Optimization methods, the Thermal Compliance option uses a unique formula regardless of the context. That is, it executes in the presence of Heat Flux, Heat Flow, prescribed Displacement, Convection conditions, and/or Internal Heat Generation.

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