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Applying delamination between 2 layers of concrete like material

    • Hemin Sindy


      I am trying to add delamination to my beam which is based on a real experiment of  4 point bending test of a beam that has 2 different layers of concrete like material.

      However using the workbench options I constantly face this error pop up when trying to run the analysis:

      I have tried various ways to ensure that the elements do match and as far as I can see they really do as you can see here:

      C1 and C2 are the 2 different concrete materials, the delamination is then to propegate at the top of the notch. As you can see the elements allign perfectly. here is my delamination implementation in mechanical:

      Where the target is the lower layer's top faces and the source the bottom face of the top layer.

      It should be noted that there is reinforcement in the beam, some of it going through both layers of concrete:

      If someone could point me in the right direction or has an alternative way of implementing this it would be really appreciated.


    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee


      Please see if the following link helps:

      Delamination Error Node Matching (


      Ashish Khemka

    • Hemin Sindy

      Dear Ashish Khemka,

      the 2 faces selected as target in the picture posted above below to the two parts that belong to c2 (lightbrown and green) while the face selected for the source belongs to the top layer (marked as c1, has a dark brown color).

      Do you know if something else might be the problem. I can also upload the files if that would help.

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