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Applying displacement with respect to theta – pitting corrossion

    • nmate219

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to model pitting corrosion in RC structures, and how the location of pitting affects the cracking of concrete. I've applied a uniform displacement around the steel reinforcement, as well as applied pressure on certain nodes to mimic the pitting corrosion (uniform corrosion * R). Since the intent of this project revolves around determining the affect of pitting location, i'm trying to model the pitting corrosion in a different location with each run. i.e. Run 1 involves node 3761, 3762, 3763, 3764, 3765, 3766 and Run 2 involves node 3767, 3768, 3769, 3770, 3771, 3772. Therefore, if there a way to automate the process of changing the pit location?

      I've attached the command file below.


    • Sean Harvey
      Ansys Employee
      nI am not certain if I am missing anything, but you can use the *do loop and then put in *if and if i =1 assign to some nodes (D) delete from other (DDELE). If i=2, assign to some nodes, or just copy the B/C and solve and paste again with the new numbers so you have D commands, then DDELE to remove if you don't want them, then solve and you repeat.nDoes that help?nThanksnSeann
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