Applying Heterogeneous Properties to a mesh

    • jts


      I have created a volume mesh using the Materialise platform which has associated material properties for each element of the mesh. The files from Materialise that constitute the inputs for Ansys are a volume mesh in .cdb format and a .txt file with the associated material properties for each element. I have been able to import the .cdb without issue, but I cannot figure out how to import the .txt such that the material properties are assigned to the elements.

      Has anyone attempted a method like this before that would know how to do this? Thank you!

    • Sheldon Imaoka
      Ansys Employee

      I'm not familiar with the Materialise format (.txt file), but can you describe what is in the .txt file? For example, is it a list of element ID and material ID? I'm guessing it may be orthotropic or anisotropic, so how is the material direction defined in the .txt file?
      If you provide some information on the .txt file information, someone may be able to suggest a way to read it in. Conversely, since the data is from Materialise Software (I'm guessing you are talking about the 3D printing software), it may be good to contact Materialise or to refer to their documentation for instructions on reading it.
      Regards Sheldon

    • peteroznewman
      I think jts is talking about Materialise software that converts medical CT 3D images into data for FEA models.
      I would have thought the FEA model output by Materialise would have the elements and the material properties integrated.
    • lschuler
      Hello, I am also trying to model a heterogeneous material. Is it possible to give an array containing the young modulus of each mesh element as an input to mechanical?
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