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Student Competition

Applying Moments for the Revolute Joints in Explicit Dynamics

    • barath kr

      Hello All,
      I want to apply moments to Revolute Joints in Explicit Dynamic Analysis. But i could not find any option to apply moments.
      I saw an youtube video, from which it is cleary know that it is possible to apply moments to revolute joints under initial conditions. But i dont know how they have applied those Joint moments under initial conditions.
      Please let me know, how to apply moments to the Revolute joints in Explicit dynamic Analysis.
      I am also sharing the link of that youtube video: 


      Thanking you in Advance.
      Barath K.R

    • peteroznewman

      Right click on Model and Insert Connections. Right Click on the Connections folder and insert a Joint and edit it to be Body-Ground and a Revolute. Then you can insert a Joint Moment Load in Explicit Dynamics.

      You can only insert joints in Explicit Dynamics in version 19.0. Earlier versions did not allow joint elements.

      If you have an initial Angular Velocity of a body, that can be input under Initial Conditions. 

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