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Applying rotational velocity on rotor

    • Venk2286

       Hello all,

      I'm presently solving a problem where I have a rotor on which multiple components are mounted using screws.We have understood 600rpm is enough to rotate the whole model which weighs ~750gms.

      My objective is to understand the deformations of x,y & z components which are mounted on the rotor.

      In simulation I have applied 62.8 rad/s angular velocity on rotor alone (1 body), I have not selected any other components.

      Should I apply angular velocity only on rotor (since a motor will spin the rotor alone) OR should i select all the components (all bodies) & apply angular velocity.

    • SaiD
      Ansys Employee


      What kind of analysis is this? Static or Transient? If it is a Static Structural analysis, then applying a Rotational Velocity boundary condition accounts for the structural effects due to rotation. Since all the components are rotating, it should be applied to All Bodies.

      Hope this helps,



    • Venk2286

      Thanks Sai,

      I'm simulating as a static structural problem. Infact i have solved using a RBD for the same model, where I have applied angular rotation on the joint. With the same analogy shouldn't we apply angular rotation only on the part which is going to be rotated ( Rotor).


    • Wenlong
      Ansys Employee


      Since it is the rotor that's driving the rotation of other parts, I would only apply rotational velocity to the rotor. A revolute joint can be a good way to model it. 




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