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Appropriate Mesh Settings for Thin Solid

    • galkhamis


      I am having a difficult time meshing this part on my model. it is 0.2mm think layer. Are there specific meshing settings that I must have since the thickness is very small compared to the other dimensions of the body?

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    • Naresh Patre
      Ansys Employee

      Hello galkhamis

      The thickness of the model is 0.2mm and the length is 18 meters. The thickness is extremely small as compared to the other dimensions. You will have to use extremely small sizes to mesh this model. I tried generating hex mesh with edge sizings but it is failing on the curved regions. Hex mesh could help to keep the mesh count on lower side. If tet mesh is to be generated, you need to use proximity sizing function with mimimum 3 elements across the thickness. You will also have to specify the proximity min size such that it will create 3 elements in the model. Looking at the thickness and the overall dimensions, I doubt if the model will mesh. And even if it gets meshed, you will end up with extremely high mesh count.

      To tackle this problem I would suggest the following:

      1. Increase the thickness of the layer

      2. For such thin layers where meshing is challenging or results in huge mesh count, such bodies are modeled using Shell Conduction approach. In shell conduction modeling, you don't need to have a solid body for the thin region. SO there is no need to mesh such thin bodies. However, this modeling method is available in ANSYS Fluent and not in Discovery AIM. So you may want to use Fluent in this case.

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