Approximate time needed to do this simulation – Any idea? Any help?

    • agzi

      Hello everybody,


      I have a question related to modeling and simulating a process called “Automated Fiber Placement process (AFP)”, see the attached photo.

      Shortly, the incoming tape and the previous ply are heated through the hot gas torch (HGT), then the consolidation roller moves over the incoming tape and press it so it sticks to the ply.

      I think that for simulating the AFP, many domains will be used like: CFD, Thermal, static and maybe dynamic. My idea, and please correct me if I’m wrong: The hot gas coming from the HGT will be simulated using “CFD”, then “thermal simulation” will be done to know the temperature distribution over the incoming tape and the previous ply, then the consolidation force will be simulated using “static” or maybe “dynamic” to see if the layer bond together well and finally “CFD” again for cooling the consolidation roller.

      I will write my Master’s thesis (duration 6 months) in this topic and hence would like to know how long approximately would the simulation part take to be done?

      Knowledge level: I’m not an expert in simulation, I just know the basics and did one easy project, that was static and CFD simulation for battery container of an electrical car.


      If anyone have any other ideas or could help estimating the time needed to do the simulation, I would be more than grateful for any thoughts.


      Thanks in advance.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      Break the problem down based on what you actually want to know, then please ask a more detailed question. Additionally, please post images in with the text, staff are not permitted to open attachments. 

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