AQWA Wind Force Coefficients

    • jaevin10


      What is the orientation of the coefficient direction in ANSYS AQWA?

      Is to the positive x-direction (0-degrees) and to the negative x-direction (180-degrees) ?

      Or the direction is measured counter clockwise from the x-direction where X-positive is 0 degrees and Y-positive is 90 degrees?

    • Mike Pettit
      Ansys Employee

      The Current/Wind Force Coefficients are initially defined parallel to the global axes, but they rotate with the structure. For example, given the following Current Force Coefficient data:
      Applying a Current of 1 m/s in 0-degree direction (i.e. Current is travelling in positive x direction), then the initial Current X force on the stationary structure will be 100 N x (1 m/s)^2 = 100 N.
      If I fix the structure position with a hinge joint and there is some moment causing the structure to rotate counter-clockwise about that hinge, as it passes through RZ = 90 degrees, the Current X force will be 200 N.
      Does this answer your question?
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