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ArcLen – Force Displacement curve

    • jj77

      There has been some discussion about this so I thought to write something about it.


      The question is how to get the actual applied load when the arclen method is used.


      Attached is an example and benchmark of a classic snap-through problem (similar to VM17 - in there PROD,4,1,,,LOAD,,,4*250 ! TOTAL LOAD IS 4*250 DUE TO QUARTER SYMMETRY which is multiplying the total force of 4*250 with time ).


      So as Vm17 to get the load one multiplies the time (A column in excel) with the applied load which was here 4 N. This gives the C column, and finally the blue curve is the C vs B column in that spreadsheet. 


      Now I can not guarantee that this method works always so use with caution (and verify and validate as always), at least in this case it produces the correct results as it is compared to Strand7 and Reference curve.


      This is not a discussion so I will not answer any comments.

    • peteroznewman

      Here is the image attached above for ANSYS employees.

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