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General Mechanical

Arclength method with gravity and hydrostatic pressure

    • corne


      I have an analysis with post-buckling behaviour in workbench 2020R1. For this analysis I need to use the arclen method. For my pressure load I need I have to set the "tabular data - Independent variable" to step instead of time.

      But I also need to consider gravity and hydrostatic pressure. These two loads are going from 0 to full in the first time step and remain the same in the second time step. It is in this second time step I need to use the arclen method. I hoped that because the gravity and hydrostatic pressure loads don't change in this second load step, it wouldn't be an issue with the arclen method. However it is.

      Is there a way to combine these loads with the arclen method or is there a workaround somehow?

      Thanks in advance for your reply.


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