Are H5 files convertible into geometry/mesh files?

    • Dudiek12

      So as in the title, I'm not quite sure if H5 file is the right wording, so I'll explain what I mean. I have a folder with several H5 files, this folder contains files with a prepared simulation that only really requires the click of a button. 

      I wanted to play with this case and change some parameters or the mesh itself, but in this file the mesh and geometry are already prepared and I am not able to change anything in them. So in this situation, is it possible to convert these files into a format that will allow them to be opened in the geometry/mesh module?

    • Karthik R
      Hello I'm assuming that you are talking about the Fluent case file. You should be able to read these case files to Fluent meshing and get the mesh. To modify this mesh, you will need to use Fluent Meshing. You will not be able to extract the geometry from .h5 files.
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