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General Mechanical

Are the self learning courses Examples fit the Students Version?

    • itamar

      I did the Bicycle Crank and Lumbar Motion Simulation in the "Stress Analysis in Solid Mechanics" and got errors on both of them even though I did the tutorials to the letter.

      On the Biycle Crank I figured that the Students Version is limited in its node count so I just moved on,

      But on the lumbar motion I get an unkown error, I wonder if its also related to the students version,

    • Surya
      Ansys Employee

      All the examples provided under the homework section are compatible with the student version and can be run successfully using the same. The node limit for the student version is 128k, but for the bike crank example, the number of nodes is just 12k.
      Please make sure you are using the right unit system while providing the input and if the problem still arises, consider installing the recent student version of Ansys (2022 R1)

      Thanks Surya
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