Area difference between matching of interfaces

    • usama

      Hi, Ansys community,

      Hope you all are healthy and safe.

      I just want to ask you this question which explained in figures.

      when I match the interface1 with interface 2 a message pops up

      "The area difference between the interface zones is 26.9%. This could adversely affect your solution.

      Do you want to proceed?

      Since I take care of the geometry very well but it appears and due to the difference area between two consecutive patterns.

      As I increase the distance between two consecutive patterns the area difference will increase and vice-versa.

      1) My question does this affect the simulation?

      because of this type of error (As mentioned above in Bold letters). I am unable to run the simulation with an explicit scheme and getting a floating-point exception error.

      2) if I keep the distance between two consecutive patterns is zero then i am not getting the "Area-difference" message and able to run the simulation successfully.

      3) Can you please guide me how to reduce that difference in order to run the simulation explicitly?

      4) if this message is ok then how I can run the simulation explicitly.

      5) Keep this thing in mind the area difference is not due to cavities size is small it is the same as for big cavities also. ( i think this area difference is calculated by the area which is not in contact with the other second zone/part.

      Needs your fruitful suggestions


      Usama Tahir

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee
      Also matching does not make a sense here: matching does mean that the interface is "completely" porous for flow or for "heat" transfer. No non-overlapping" zones are expected to be created..
    • usama
      Hello Dr. Amine how are you? I hope you are safe in COVID situation.
      can you tell me how to creat no overlapping zones. Because i need to use sliding mesh method to slide the cavities on outer region.
      the doted interfaces will slide on solid interface.
      usama tahir..
    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      The area difference doesn't matter, as long as it's intended. To slide the two parts you need to make sure they're the same shape, so a rotating cylinder is fine but an extruded oval isn't. The interface will give some leeway due to tolerance, but there are limits.
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