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Artificially high stresses due to initial penetration between CAD geometries

    • orestisg1997

      Hello everyone,

      Often times it happens that there exists an initital penetration between different CAD geometries that you cannot eliminate by moving the geometries further from each other. Upon definining any contact type rather than bonded, this penetration is resolved during the simulation, however it produces artificially high stresses at the contact interface. What are the best practices to solve this common problem?

      Best regards,

      Orestis Gkaintes

    • Nanda Veralla


      Hi Orestis,

      When the contact force gets concentrated to a vertex or edge, the force is localized, and as the mesh size reduces, the area associated with the nodes in contact decreases, causing the stress to increase. Try to add a fillet or chamfer near the contact to eliminate those stresses. Or you can also try the interface treatment option, it should be set at adjust to touch. Any gap between the two bodies will be “filled” by ANSYS (without modifying the physical geometry) and the two bodies will be modelled as touching. This will result in a more robust and realistic model.

      Have a look at this Ansys Learning video on artificial stresses here

      ">Understanding and Dealing with Artificially High Stress Using Ansys Mechanical – YouTube

      Also go through the channel for many more interesting videos here Ansys Learning – YouTube

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