Arun Pattanashetti

    • arunsp453


      I would like to export data of different variables (Coordinates, mean velocity, mean vorticity) from the fluent and intended to view those data in notepad. final aim is to plot streamlines using mean velocity in tecplot. 

      my doubt is in which extension if i export the data from fluent i am able to open it in note pad and also in tecplot? expecting answer by the known one.  

      thank you

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      If you turn on data sampling in Fluent you can probably export that for use in Tecplot?  Try it before writing a load of scripts to do this. Otherwise the data file (and some of the export formats) are mostly human readable but aren't necessarily well labelled to allow manipulation. Try everything on a small (under 100 cells) model otherwise you'll never figure it out. 

      As an aside, I'd recommend using more descriptive titles: we tend to read threads based on that. 

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