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Assigning materials to several parts with apdl commands


    • 19yuuki91

      Hi everyone

      I am currently modeling a wall in Ansys 19.2 academic version, and I wanted to ask for suggestions regarding material assignment with APLD commands.

      In short, I am using the microplane model to represent the brick properties. As far as I know, you can only define the microplane model using APLD commands. I've done so in a smaller scale, by inserting a commands under each part and defining the model and it worked fine. However, in the case of the wall, given the number of bricks, I was wondering if there was an alternative way to define the model for each individual brick. In other words, if I want to use the microplane model in my wall, do I have to insert the commands under each brick part? or, is there another way to assing the command to all brick parts at once?

      Thank you very much for your help.



    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee
      You can create a named selection that has all the bodies with same material
      Then select the named selection in the command script and assign a material using APDL commands. You can insert the commands under analysis branch (static, modal etc)
      cmsel,s,named_selection_name !use named selection name from your model
      emodif,all,mat,material_number !use the appropriate material number. You can define material also if needed
    • 19yuuki91

      I am sorry for the late response.
      Thank you very much for your answer, I did as you told me and worked just fine.

      Best regards
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