Asymmetric electric field plot

    • navarunj

      Hi. I'm trying to simulate a ground-signal-ground coplanar waveguide (GSG CPW). The electrodes are on top of insulating material (lithium niobate), and there is a rectangular ridge in that material. The attached images show a cross section, zoomed in on the two electrodes and the ridge. I attempted to make an E field plot. But something seems to be wrong: the structure is symmetrical, but the resulting E field plot is asymmetrical. In particular, I see a patch of red to the right of the ridge, which I don't see to the left of the ridge.

      Can someone help me figure what is causing this? I'm producing the plot as follows: In the model tree, I'm right-clicking on one of my rectangles, then "Plot Fields," then "E," then "Mag_E." Then the window pops up titled "Create Field Plot." In that window I'm just accepting all the default settings and clicking "Done."

    • rtk
      Ansys Employee


      The way you plot the E-field seems to be fine.

      So, you can check your model and port settings again:

      1. Make sure no factors that cause the model to be asymmetric is there

      2. Check the Wave Port definition for CPW (refer the HFSS help document)

      3. Go for Port Field Display for the analysis of port fields and see whether they are coming in the required way.

      Hope this will help you to sort out the issue.



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