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Asymmetrical magnetic fields for bar magnets

    • Nicholas W

      Hi everyone,
      I'm new to Maxwell and am learning how to use it for my research. Currently, I'm performing magnetostatic simulations of a pair of opposing bar magnets. I've run into an issue, though, that I haven't been able to resolve. When looking at the B-field in the field visualiser, there are certain parts of the magnetic field that appear to be asymmetric but my intuition tells me they shouldn't be. Have I missed something?
      I've defined two face coordinate systems so that the magnets are anisotropic in the simulation. I'm using NdFe35 as the material and the gap between the magnets is air. The region surrounding the magnets is vacuum.



    • Harinath Vudumula
      Ansys Employee


      It is like that only. see the below fig. shows the flux lins. At the corners flux is more.   

      You can apply the the inside selection length based mesh to magnets and use the value = default value/(5 or 10). But still you will see less red hotspots. Its a natural phenomena.

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