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At high velocities, the combustion results of opposed hydrogen flame are not good

    • wcp1997

      Dear all

      I used the sample Opposed_Flow-Flame model in Sample2010 for the simulation. Both inlets are premixed hydrogen with inlet speeds ranging from 30m/s to 150m/s. Theoretically, its heat release rate should be zero at the highest temperature, but in the simulation, its heat release rate is not zero at the highest temperature. The two highest temperature points are too close to the opposed flame center. I guess it's my grid setup or time step setup problem. Cloud you pls teach me how can I get better results? Would it be useful to make the convection center grid denser? How is this supposed to be done?

      Thank you for your help


    • RK
      Ansys Employee
      I suspect it is the grid too. Consider refining the mesh at the interface region of the two flames. Alternatively, you can adapt the mesh in this region. Please see Fluent user's guide for more information on this.
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