Attemping to implement actuator line method source code to Fluent, case will not iterate

    • loganszajnecki

      Hello colleagues,

      I am trying to implement an x-momentum source term which contains a for loop that activates over a given region of cells. I am not yet looking for accurate results, just to properly implement the source code. Unfortunately, I am met with a problem regarding the solver. I am attempting to run just 1 iteration to check my source code, but the calculation will not complete. Any attempt to stop the calculation leads to the phrase "Interrupting..." which evidently remains until Fluent is killed via command line. If anyone may have advice for this issue please let me know. Thank you.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee
      If you set a fixed source as opposed to the UDF does the model run? If yes, check the code to ensure it can complete the loop: if you want to set a source over some cells a combination of IF and AND statements ought to be sufficient.
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