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Autodyn:the reference temperature of Johnson Cook model

    • myx


      I am learning Autodyn now and I have a question.

      That is what is the reference temperature of Johnson Cook model?It seems cannot set in the software. So,what is the reference temperature and how to modified?

      Looking forward to your reply!

      Thank you.

    • myx
      Also´╝îthere seems no information about reference temperature in the tutorial.
    • Ram Gopisetti
      Ansys Employee
      can you be more specific, JC strength model does not have any reference temperature as follows
      moreover in lsdyna it gives you an option in the material tab asking for Room temperature which can be interpreted as reference temperature.
      and coming back to your question of reference temperature, you can set the temperatures of the body in the system itself under the Geometry criterion as follows and your material property should reflect it.
      Cheers, Ram

    • myx
      Hi, Ram
      Thank you for your reply!
      I am now using Autodyn as shown in the figure. I have choose Johson-Cook model, but there is no information about reference temperature (i.e., room teemperature) of JC model.
      I do not know how to set the room temperature of JC model.

      Looking forward to your reply.
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