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AUTODYN – “error writing to autodyn.log”

    • Non Descript

      I've been redirected from technical support here..

      I've had a recurring issue where if I run Autodyn and stop the simulation and exit, I periodically get a "error writing to autodyn.log" when I relaunch Autodyn, either through workbench (v22R2 & v23R1), or directly through its wrapper .exe launcher. Similarly if I try load the previous Explicit Dynamics workflow item of the model I encounter the same error. The sequence of errors/prompts reads as follows:

      1. "Error writing to autodyn.log"
      2. System then attempts to Launch Autodyn anyway
      3. "Error status:9 opening file for writing: .\autodyn.log"
      4. "Interprocess Communications failed to establish with the AUTODYN Application. You may have to close the application by hand."
      5. "Authorisation Failed - See the version.log file.." ;
        "ipc = null from client->Connect()"
        "MonitorIPC Time Out."

      These errors occur on the windows user account (admin rights) used when the simulation stopped. If I launch it through another admin account on the pc then it works fine. 

      • Reinstalling Ansys on the problem account doesn't work.
      • Reinstalling, replacing the log files with those from a working account doesn't work
      • Deleting the log files doesn't work.
      • The only fix has been to create a new user account everytime this happens. This is impractical as a permanent fix..


      1. Has anyone encountered this issue before? can you offer any advice?
      2. Autodyn has an option in its UI to turn off the log file. Is there a way to change the default setting to "off" in the hopes of avoiding this issue?

      my thanks for any useful advice offered

    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee

      You may close all Workbench & Autodyn projects first, then browse to your ANSYS user directory at "C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Roaming\Ansys", and finally rename the folders "v222" and "v231" to "vxxx_old" or other names. You can re-create these folders by starting Workbench and then Autodyn again. This may fix the problem with Autodyn log file.

      If the problem persists, you can open Autodyn GUI, click on Output -> Log File, and then check the button "No" to disable the log file. See attached picture below. Then Autodyn will not write the log file when it's running.  


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      Thanks Chris; unfortunately renaming the folders didn't resolve the issue.

      Is there a way to make the default setting for the log file to be off in Autodyn - as opposed to relying on me remembering everytime?

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