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Autodyn symmetry planes and boundary conditions using SPH

    • xfeng

      Hi all, I am working on a 3D cylindrical model using SPH as my solver.

      My model shows radial symmetry so I have modeled one quadrant and am using two symmetry planes.

      When I run the SPH solver in Autodyn my SPH particles are "leaking" through my symmetry planes.. is this normal?

      Would implementing some sort of boundary on the symmetry plane prevent this? How would I implement it?

      Additionally, how would I implement impendance/flow-out boundary for my SPH model?


      Perhaps if I did not use symmetry then this would not be an issue, however I am unable to find a create section view option in Autodyn. How would I create sections in Autodyn then?


      Any help MUCH appreciated, 


    • xfeng

      edit: sections can be created by using the plot->view ranges and slices for SPH and unstructured parts as described here:


      edit 2: SPH particle 'leaking' appears to be resolved by matching SPH particle sizes for each packed object.


    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      removing links to sharcnet help. 

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