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Automatic Update of Translated Beam elements

    • mert.dedebeyoglu

      In ANSYS Mechanical, when i move bodies with joint, the position of the beam elements stay same, it is not updated with geometry. Is there any way to update automatically.


      Thanx for your response

    • Lydia
      Ansys Employee


      Could you provide a more detailed description of your problem? From my understanding you should check the connections between line bodies and joints and the corresponding connection between joints and solid bodies. 

      I assume you are dealing with something like that. If yes, you can take this course Bolt Modeling Connections as Beam Elements | Ansys Courses.


    • mjmiddle
      Ansys Employee

      Beams are a remote connection type of object in Mechanical. These create remote points internally. Examples are point mass, spring, joint, beam connection, bearing, remote displacement, remote force, etc...

      Remote boundary conditins usually have a location for the pilot node of the remote point, so a beam connection has a location for reference and mobile sides:

      This location uses explicit X,Y,Z values. It is not mindful of your geometry, so will not adjust to any new position when you update geometry. The only way to make these as a relative location on geometry is to use local coordinate systems:

      When you do this, you usually set the location in the local coordinate system to 0,0,0, but it is not a requirement. For the local coordinate system, you must use geometry selection to make it relative to the geometry. In this case you will see the x,y,z are greyed out:


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