Automatically export figures generated in CFD-Post from Workbench

    • nselvara
      Ansys Employee

      How do I automatically export figures generated in CFD-Post from Workbench?

    • cbhavsar
      Ansys Employee

      In the course of running a Design Exploration type analysis in Workbench, sometimes you may want to export figures containing a report of the results without needing to save the result files or interrupt the run. This can be accomplished using the following steps: 1) Create your Workflow (Geometry > Mesh > Solver > Result) 2) Define the required Input and Output parameters 3) Define a dummy Output parameter in CFD-Post 4) In CFD-Post, under Report, deselect all features and enable only the figures to be exported 5) In Workbench, go to the properties of Results container and enable “Publish Report” 6) Define some design points with various values for the input parameters 7) Update design points The pictures are then saved in the project under ~yourprojectfilesreportfiles. Note: The most important step is to define the dummy output parameter in CFD-Post. Otherwise the figures won’t be exported.

    • Amrkhedr

      Please, could you tell us what do you mean by a dummy output parameter? and how to define it in CFD_Post?

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      Just create a dummy parameter in CFD-Post just to trigger the report. An Example massflow()@Outlet or Mass()@Domain or something. That will make the job.Even standard expression can be used here: just right mouse click and make it as output parameter in CFD-Post.

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