Automatically Split Parametric

    • Mathis Allen

      I am looking to do a parametric analysis in Maxwell 2D. However, the number of points I want to run ends being 493. My setup only allows 10 points being run until the system crashes. Is there any way I can get Maxwell to run a certain number of points, export the data into Excel, delete that data to clear space, and continue by itself?

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Mathis,

      Your issue seems to be with the disk space. See if you can increase the disc space.

      You may be able to do the required automation through scripting.

      Please refer to the scripting section in Maxwell help.




    • todd toddcarson

      Hello, Mathis!

      Disk space appears to be the source of your problem. Try to find a way to add more room to the discs.

      Scripting could be used to automate the necessary processes.

      For more information about scripting in Maxwell, see that documentation. 

      drift boss

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