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Automating Fluent Simulations

    • Shrey K

      Hey Everyone,

      I'm trying to automate my simulations as a way to collect large amounts of data. I have parametrised a few dimensions in my CAD and am looking to parametrise a few inlet conditions. I want to automate this whole process. Why? I'm looking for around 500-1000 different combinations. Manually entering them in the workbench "parameter set" section would be quite daunting. I thought that scripting with ansys's python API would be the way to go, but its not straightforward. I'm also not sure if the ACT console has some relevance here. 

      I was hoping to get some more clarity into automating fluent simulations and automating in ansys in general. 

      Thank you!

    • Rob
      Forum Moderator

      I'd be more worried about resourcing hardware & licences for 500-1000 runs! Not to mention putting all the pictures into a report.... 

      Have a look at Minerva, Optislang and the ROM tools for Fluent. Using a Design of Experiment approach may reduce the number of runs needed. Not my field of expertise, but Ansys do have tools to do all of this. 

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