Axial Flux Motor, Cogging Torque, Flux Density


    • ge32kic

      Hello, I am designing an Axial Flux Motor with two rotors. I have a few questions regarding this.

      1) I want to plot the magnetic flux density graph for the airgap. For this, I am drawing the motor in 2D, and drawing a line through the airgap. But, the graph I am getting is not true. Is there any expression that I need to put in the calculator to see the flux density distribution in the airgap?

      2) In the 2D model, I am trying to assign a band to both of the rotors. However, I am getting the error saying "band can be assigned to one face". Since I have two rotors there should be two faces that the band should be assigned. How I can manage this problem?

      3) I want to see the cogging torque graph. How I can plot this graph?

      Thanks in advance. 

    • GLUO
      Ansys Employee


      1) The process is draw a line, go to create filed reports>>Geometry-polyline>>Quantity-Mag_B>>Done. Nothing is needed in field calculator unless you want to define the B at only one direction.

      2)Please assign two motion bands.

      3) You can run without excitation and use Moving.Force and the model radius to get the cogging torque.


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