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Axial flux synchronous reluctance motor design

    • sampathkumar


      I am working on the design and analysis of radial flux synchronous reluctance motor. I am satisfied with the results obtained from it. If i want to convert it into axial flux synchronous reluctance motor,May i know what changes i should carry out in Ansys Maxwell to get carriers and barriers along the axial length? I request you please help me in this regard?

    • HDLI
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Sampath,

             Axial flux motor is totally different with radial flux motor, so I think you need to build a new model for the axial flux motor by using RMxprt and then create Maxwell model from RMxprt. There are several examples in "C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\v232\Win64\Examples\RMxprt\afpm".  Please review them.


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