Axle meshing problem

    • JITF


      I have problems generating the mesh, to simulate the main axis of a machine that I am designing. The errors that seem to me are the following:

      - The surface mesh intersects or is near the intersection, making it difficult to create a volume mesh. Adjust the mesh size or geometry to solve the problem.

      - A mesh could not be generated using the current mesh options and settings.

      A picture of the structure is attached and the errors that are presented (maybe the errors are linked to the axis keys, but there is no way to solve this), any solution or suggestion in this regard is welcome.

      Thank you

    • peteroznewman

      Please use the Insert Image button as well as attaching the image file.

      What is the goal of your analysis? What questions do you want an analysis to answer?

    • JITF

      Mr. peteroznewman, I already solved the problem, improving the geometry. However, trying to make an analysis that gives me the values of the torque, safety factor and deformation of the main axis. In order to do this, contrast these results with the calculations I have already made. The point is that these values are very far from my calculations and I do not understand why, perhaps it is due to my lack of some restriction or some force that I cannot visualize. According to my procedures, the result of the effort will be 29,682 MPa, the factor of safety 3,331 approx. and the deformations are also far from similar works that he reviewed. This simulation is for my work of title and correspondence to the main axis of a wood sawdust pelletizing machine, sometimes to forces and torques caused by the transmission system (pulleys and belts), the blades that cut the material and the rollers that they compact it (this is the order of the keys from bottom to top on the shaft). I attach images of the simulations I am obtaining and I would appreciate any dimensioning or suggestion to achieve values similar to those calculated. Thank you

      Shear Stress:

      Shear Stress

      Total Deformation:

      Total Deformation

      Safety Factor:

      Safety Factor

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