B field when setting Hysteresis loss form B-H curves

    • jailopez

      Hello everyone

      I am having a bit of trouble when setting core lossses to Hysteresis and using the BH curve of a magnetic material.

      First, I tried simulating, in the transient simulator, the losses of a transformer, using a material with a nonlinear permeability and core losses set as ferrite, and everything went smoothly.

      This is the BH curve for the material:

    • Deyu Li
      Ansys Employee
      when you use hysteresis model with normal BH curve, starts from (0,0), the solver will solve the entire hysteresis loop not just the DC BH curve. There are some settings we will suggest:
      Set Core loss (excitation) off on the object having core loss material
      Refine mesh
      reduce nonlinear residual to 1e-6 in analysis setup
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